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Niek van Ees: "Although this site is dedicated to Hornby products and the Dutch HRCA, most of its members have a wider-ranging interest in vintage model trains too. Besides Hornby 0 gauge, Ace Trains and Dinky Toys, I own a modest collection of Biller Bahn. This was made by the German toy factory Biller, which started producing Biller Bahn just after WW 2. The scale is 0, the track is narrow gauge at 16.5 mm. If you want to know more about its history and the range of locomotives, rolling stock and accessories, have a look at the website".

I knew Biller Bahn from childhood when I was dreaming about it in front of a local toyshop window. I was especially charmed by the track with its wooden sleepers but alas, it was far too expensive for me in those days. Many, many years later I came across some old stock at the famous Amsterdam toy store Merkelbach and this time I was able to buy it. That was the beginning of a new and charming collection.

Biller Bahn layout

Biller Bahn layout

On 5 and 6 September 2009 I made my first public appearance with my Biller Bahn collection at the narrow gauge modelling weekend at the Narrow Gauge Museum in Valkenburg near Leiden. If you are in the neighbourhood do visit this excellent museum where an impressive collection of narrow gauge stock is housed. You can also take a ride of a few miles behind one of the beautiful little steam locomotives.

The evening before the 5th I laid down the track on 3 tables. The total size of the layout was 6x1 m so the total track- length was about 14 meters, just not too long for a clockwork locomotive and wagons to complete one oval. The next day fellow Dutch HRCA member Hans van Dissel joined me and together we arranged the trains and accessories and started playing.

Biller Bahn layout

Biller Bahn loop

As you can see in the picture (left) there is a passing loop at the rear of the layout. It was great fun of course, to send away two trains in both directions at exactly the right moment so they could pass each other without interfering.

On this picture (right) there is a difference and a similarity. One is an adult and one is a child, and both are boys enjoying toys. And that is what we did for two days with all our hearts.

Enjoying Biller Bahn

Biller Bahn control button

The marvel of the locomotive is the control button on top by which it can be switched on and off and the direction can be changed. It also has a neutral position, whereby the gears are disengaged, so that the loco can be pushed without using the driving mechanism. Both the clockwork and battery locos are fitted with this button.

Biller Bahn

Biller Bahn

Narrow gauge museum Valkenburg

One of the beautifully restored engines in the museum.