Dutch HRCA 2006 AGM

The Dutch HRCA had its annual AGM on Sunday 14th May 2006. Gert Jonker was our host this time, and it turned out that his house was also an ideal venue for the AGM. We had an excellent meeting.

For the first time, we had an official Dutch HRCA meeting sign outside the building. Gert's house is in the eastern part of the Netherlands, and he was concerned that we would miss the building.

Dutch HRCA meeting Sign

His house is a former guest-house, built around 1900. As a guest-house it has more than enough rooms to display a collection, or have an AGM!

Dutch HRCA meeting venue

Theme of the AGM was 'To bring your 3 favourite items'. Our host had set up some tables to display the goodies. Here you can see a few members unpacking their items.

Most members of the Dutch collect more than Hornby Trains alone. So the 'favourite items' became a show of some of the finest brands the Toy Train industry once offered.

Hornby items on show

Here you can see Paul (left) discussing some items with Hans van Dissel. Hans had brought his very early MR Hornby Trains set, along with a 1909 Carette tram and trailer. In the left-hand corner you just can spot the contribution of our secretary Peter Zwakhals. He had brought four Hornby E220 Special Locomotives and, as usual with Peter, in excellent or better condition.

Paul and Hans

Jan van der Voo surprised us with a huge pile of complete Hornby Trainsets. Most of them of post-war, but a few nice pre-war ones too. Here you see (starting from the left) Jan van der Voo, Henk Brouwer, Gert Jonker and Paul discussing the details of a early GWR No. 1 Passenger Set.

Discussion on trains

Henk Brouwer (left) brought along one of his latest additions. A very nice E320 Riviera Blue Trains set from the late '30s. Just in front of that a Bassett-Lowke 4-6-0 'Royal Scot' locomotive and an electric Hornby E120 Special Tank in FCS livery. These items certainly put a smile on the face of Niek van Ees (right).

Hornby E320 Nord Set

JEP set

Paul had brought a lovely 20 volt JEP Train Set, including a rheostat type transformer with a lamp in original packaging. We had some discussion on whether the lamp was originally included in the set (it turned out the packaging was original, but the lamp itself a later replacement).

Hans his items

Among his items Hans van Dissel had a locomotive of uncertain manufacture. It is a 4-6-4 New York Hudson, probably a 1940s Lobaugh.

Hornby GWR Loco

Jan van Manen en Chris Bloos paid us a quick visit, after they had learned of the meeting thru the Dutch HRCA's website. Jan had brought a Hornby GWR E220 Special Tank Locomotive, and was looking for some parts (and tips) to get it running again.

Small Hornby display

On our public layouts, Niek van Ees is always concerned about the scenery. No exception this time. Niek had brought his eBay bargain of the year in the form of a Hornby No. 4 Station. He quickly added some rails, a No. 50 Brake Van and several Dinky Toys Figures to complete the scene.

Hornby sales table

No meeting is complete without a bring-and-buy table. Henk Brouwer had also brought a nice selection of sales stock from his Famous Toys internet store. (Starting from the left) Hans Kusters, Duco Postmaa, Niek van Ees, Henk Brouwer and Jan van der Voo all having a look while Henk was unpacking his items.

Playing trains on the floor

Our host Gert Jonker limits his collection the clockwork only. Peter Zwakhals (right) brought along an oval of 3-rail and a transformer the test some of the electric locomotives the members had brought along. Paul's Jep PO Locomotive from the 20's needed some help to get running.