HRCA 35th Anniversary

The HRCA 35th anniversary celebrations took place in Barrow-on-Soar at the Humprey Perkins School. A brilliant weekend of Hornby Celebration on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 May 2004, including a members-only Saturday evening which allowed members to play trains in peace without having to watch the public at the same time.

Apart from the Dutch HRCA delegation, some members of the Canadian HRCA were also present, whom it was a pleasure to meet after all the emails!

Adam Heeley's huge M-series layout featured almost every version of the M-series locomotives, British or French.

HRCA 35 M-series layout

The BAYKO town with O-gauge layout by Chris and Jane Reeve.

HRCA 35 Bayko Town

A few Lizzies at the engine shed on John Harwood's O-gauge layout.

HRCA 35 Lizzies at the engine shed

And what about this: with his layout, John Harwood had on display every variation of British Hornby O-gauge locomotives ever made.

HRCA 35 Variations in Hornby locomotives

A station at John Harwood's layout (Photo David Graig).

Hornby Station

Mick Woodman's O-gauge layout.

Hornby O-gauge layout

A view from the station platform of Mick Woodman's layout (Photo David Graig).

Hornby O-gauge layout

Sales table

Mike Delaney at his sales table. As usual he brought a fine selection of O-gauge items to the show.

Sales table

More O-gauge for sale at Pete Gasowski's table.

ACE Tank Wagons

The new ACE Trains 4 wheel Tank Wagons were seen here for the first time. On the top shelf the first sets to go on sale: Set 1 (left) with 'ACE Trains Oil', yellow 'Esso' and 'Mobiloil' and Set 2 (right) with grey 'Esso', 'Castrol' and 'Regent'.

Hornby Dublo Layout

Part-elevated 2-rail Dublo layout by Dave White.

Hornby Dublo Layout

Pre-war 3-rail Dublo layout by Tim Oulton.

Great Central Railway

An extra bonus to this celebration was the Great Central Railway, which is located close to Barrow-on-Soar. Here a life-size No. 2 Signal Cabin can be seen.

Great Central Railway

Dutch HRCA members Paul and Niek van Ees with a Hornby No.1 Railway Accessories set.