Hornby at Rail 2006

The Dutch HRCA had an O-gauge layout at the Rail 2006 event, which was held from Friday October 13th up until Sunday October 15th. This was the first time that the Dutch HRCA visited this event. Henk Brouwer and Peter Zwakhals made up the layout team this time, with Henk Dubbelt, Duco Postmaa and Hans van Dissel helping as stewards.

The Dutch HRCA's secretary Peter Zwakhals viewing the layout just before the hall was opened for the public.

Rail 2006 Hornby O-gauge layout

A record for the Dutch HRCA layout. We had 12 parallel tracks. On the outside 2 ovals of double track, made up from Alan Middelton's excellent replica track. In the middle we had 4 sidings connected to the outer tracks. And then we added another 4 sidings for goods trains.

Vintage Hornby 12 tracks paralel

A Hornby layout is not complete without adding some items of the famous Meccano factory. A Meccano airplane and some Dinky's made up a small airfield in a corner of the layout.

Meccano and Dinky Toys

A look at the train depot. All the bigger type of Hornby locos were present, all running on 20 volts.

Vintage Hornby Engine Shed

Henk Brouwer and Hans van Dissel watching the trains go by.

Henk Brouwer and Hans van Dissel

A look at the station area. An E220 Special Locomotive 'County of Bedford' has just entered the Windsor Station with a trains of GWR Corridor Coaches.

Vintage Hornby station Area

Henk Brouwer had brought a nice selection of pre war French items from his Famous Toys store. Here you can see a No. 3 PLM Locomotive with a EST No. 2 Special Composite Coach and a No. 2 Special Flech D'Or Coach.

Hornby PLM loco with rare coaches

Hornby FCS No. 1 Special Tank

Another rare export item. An E120 Special Tank locomotive in FCS livery is passing a No. 2 LNER Passenger Trains at speed.

Hoge 0-gauge Streamliner

Hans van Dissel brought some rare items. Here you can see an American made Hoge Streamliner.

Bassett-Lowke Train

A combined effort from Hans van Dissel and Henk Brouwer: Bassett-Lowke 4-6-0 'Royal Scot' with the correct coaches.

Rail 2006 layout public

A busy moment at the layout. Peter Zwakhals is at the controlls, while the public is enjoying the clatter of the Vintage Trains.

Ace Trains pulling power

A demonstration of the excellent pulling power of the Hornby style ACE Trains Locomotive. The 4-4-4 loco is pulling a combined goods train of open wagons, coal wagons and petrol tankers.