Picture book Rob van Teylingen

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Scarm design

My Dublo 3-rail layout is U-shaped. The photo's below are taken from left to right. The Layout is designed with SCARM software (freeware).

Village station with goods shed.

Hornby Dublo goods shed

Hornby Dublo engine shed

4-road LMS engine shed, coach sidings and breakdown train.

4-road engine shed with with mainly LNER 0-6-2 tanks.

Hornby Dublo LNER Tanks

Hornby Dublo Goods sidings

Diesel sidings and goods sidings.

Main station an canopy.

Hornby Dublo Station

Hornby Dublo Goods sidings

Goods sidings and controllers.

2 Fleischmann 6755 power controllers, 6705 power module and above the 2-road SR engine shed.

Hornby Dublo with Fleischmann

Hornby Dublo coach sidings

The coach sidings can be seen in the background.

LNER all A4 4-road engine shed.

Hornby Dublo engine shed

Hornby Dublo engine shed

LNER A4's on shed.